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Any of the following are common symptoms of a manual transmission or clutch problem: 
The clutch pedal will not move down.

The clutch pedal drops to the floor when you push on it. Even when the pedal is depressed,  the gears cannot be changed. This problem can occur suddenly, or changing gears  can become more difficult each time you shift.

The gear shift suddenly will not move, or it resists, as you push in the clutch pedal.

In any of these situations, do not attempt to shift gears or force the clutch pedal down.

problem could be caused by any of a number of possibilities, including:

  There is an internal problem in the transmission if parts within the
   transmission are worn or damaged
The clutch linkage is binding 

  The clutch cable is broken or disconnected 

There is no fluid or there is a leak in the hydraulic clutch circuit 

  The clutch may not be disengaging 

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