1.Position a large oil drain pan underneath your old transmission pan.

2.Prepare for large amounts of red fluid to drain from around the perimeter of the pan.

3. Loosen all perimeter mounting bolts. Remove all but 2 bolts located on one side of the pan.

4. Carefully insert a putty knife or gasket scraper between the stock pan and the transmission (be careful not to gouge the gasket surface of the transmission) on the side opposite the 2 remaining bolts to break the seal. Pry the pan slightly away from the transmission to allow the oil to drain.

5. Once most of the oil has drained, remove the remaining bolts and remove the pan.

6. Remove all old gasket material and oil from the machined gasket surface of the transmission. Be careful not to damage the machined surface. This surface must be clean and dry for the new gasket to seal properly.

8. Place a new transmission pan gasket on the PML transmission pan. If the gasket surface on your original pan is flat, any gasket designed for that pan should work with your new PML pan. Reusable gaskets with a raised rib that is not continuous around the perimeter of the pan (stops and starts at the bolt holes, leaving a gap) will not seal correctly.

9. Compare the threaded part of your original bolts to the new fasteners provided with your PML transmission pan. The thread diameter and threads per inch should be the same.

10. Carefully place your new transmission pan with gasket up against the transmission and install the perimeter bolts. Snug all bolts up against the transmission pan flange.

11. Tighten bolts in a criss cross pattern, a little at a time. Torque bolts to 10-12 ft-lbs.

12. Torque drain plug to 20 ft-lbs.

13. Fill the transmission with new oil. Refer to your vehicle service or owners manual for the proper type of oil and filling procedure.

14. Your new PML transmission pan will hold 2-4 quarts more oil than your stock pan (the exception is our low profile pans which are stock capacity). If you are unsure how much extra capacity your new pan has, contact PML at the number below.

15. Once the proper oil level has been achieved, drive your vehicle for 20 minutes or more to allow the oil to get hot and check the oil level again. Add oil as needed to get the level to full on the dipstick.
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7. Remove the old transmission filter and replace it with a new one. 
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