Perhaps the tool that is most required by all workshops that are serious about carrying out repairs on a wide variety of vehicles is the standard transmission jack. These flexible and versatile lifting systems have many uses, and are essential for a wide range of different repair and servicing jobs.
Unlike a conventional jack, which raises a vehicle using either the chassis, or the axles, a transmission jack is positioned centrally, and lifts the transmission. Generally, the procedure for removing a transmission or gear box from a vehicle begins with positioning the transmission jack under the box. It is then raised to take the weight of the transmission, so that it can be safely detached from the engine block. Once this has been achieved, the jack can be raised the rest of the way up in order to allow the complete removal of the transmission ready for servicing.

There are numerous different styles and models of transmission jack available, and although their purpose is the same, the different versions are designed for different kinds of vehicle. Most cars and light weight utility trucks have fairly lightweight transmission systems attached to the engine block. These can generally be handled effectively by a transmission jack rated up to 1000lb capacity.

As with all tools, the OTC 1728 Transmission jack is designed with a specific purpose in mind, and features many enhancements to a basic design to make it easy to use. A gas lift piston to raise the transmission block when the jack is in use is combined with a manual release for easy detachment when the job is complete, and in use, the OTC 1728 is intended to be as simple as possible.

For larger jobs, a heavy duty transmission jack is required. If your workshop deals with a lot of trucks and larger vehicles, then you will require a much more powerful jack in order to support the heavier weight of the transmission and gearbox in a bigger vehicle.

In general, transmission jacks for larger vehicles such as trucks are rated to carry up to 2200lb in weight, and do so effortlessly. Heavy duty transmission jacks like the OTC 5019 are intended to be completely stable under even the largest weights, and are easy to manipulate when in use to ensure that transmission removal is as simple as possible, even with a particularly heavy unit to deal with.

Aside from the weight capacity of a transmission jack, the other major consideration is whether you require a high or low profile device. If your workshop is large enough to have hydraulic vehicle lifting platforms, then a high profile jack will be easier for you to use, while in a more restrictive environment, you are better off with a low profile model that can be slipped into place for ease of use.

The actual cost of a transmission jack will vary depending on the level of quality, weight that it can carry, and the manufacturer, and since there are so many different options on the market, finding the one that you want can be bewildering to say the least.

Prices start from around $825 for a low profile trolley style transmission jack rated up to half a ton, but you can easily pay in excess of $1800 for a full ton high profile device designed for trucks and heavier jobs. What is important is buying a tool that will last well, perform reliably, and last for as long as you need it.

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by Jason Miller
A unit like the OTC 1728 jack is perfectly suited to such tasks. It is small enough to be easily moved around by a single mechanic, and yet hard wearing enough to be used every day without fear of failure. The unit comes with a lifetime guarantee, and thanks to its precision construction is a very reliable tool.
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