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Buying Transmissions - A Guide For Buying a Rebuilt Transmission Online .

Buying Transmissions - A Guide For Buying a Rebuilt Transmission Online
By Christine OKelly

The Internet has made it easy and convenient for consumers to find a rebuilt transmission. You can check prices, see what providers have available, and evaluate their experience with a click of the mouse. Unfortunately, this has added some downfalls in with the added benefits. Buyers need to consider the company as well as the parts themselves to ensure they get a quality deal.

Find Out How The Provider Repairs Transmissions

To be certain you receive the best product possible, find out what methods the company uses to remanufacture the part. You want to be sure that they are using the newest technology and techniques. This ensures the drive train parts you get from them are as accurate and of the highest quality possible.

Each brand of drive parts has its own unique design and features, and therefore, requires special tools and education in order to provide a high quality product. This will also eliminate the hassle of having to talk with several 'specialists' until you get the information you need. Do they have specialists that deal specifically with the brand of parts you work with?

Do They Test The Rebuilt Transmission

Nothing's worse than spending large amounts of money out to repair drive parts only to discover that they don't work or they break down in the first month. When shopping online, find out how the provider tests their transmissions. In-vehicle testing is the only way to know how the parts will work once they are under pressure. What they do in terms of quality control? Look for companies that have an independent third party check the quality of the products before they go out the door. With no or poor quality control systems in place, flaws often slip through the cracks and will eventually wind up on your doorstep. Finally, be sure they offer a good guarantee and that they are willing to fix it if something does go wrong.


The level of service a rebuilt transmission specialist provides says a lot about a business. How long does it take them to answer your questions? How long will does it take the company to ship transmissions to you? Are they willing to listen to what you have to say, and are they willing to address any questions or comments you have. If they do not meet the mark somewhere along the line, chances are they will eventually leave you hanging. This doesn't mean immediate responses 24/7, but they should be willing to communicate with you in a reasonable amount of time.

When it comes to selecting a transmissions specialist, the availability of the part you need and its price are only a small part of the research. The quality of the rebuilt transmission as well as the reliability of the supplier will make a significant difference when it comes to keeping your down time to a minimum. By watching for these traits in a provider, you will significantly increase your chances of having a pleasant experience.

Christine O'Kelly is an author for the Funk transmissions experts Dealers Transmissions Exchange. In addition to being rebuilt Funk Transmission experts, they service a full line of drive parts including pump drives, axels, and transmissions of various brands.

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