If you're in need of a new or rebuilt transmission, it's now easier than ever to find the type you need through online resources. Buying a transmission has always been a much-dreaded task for car owners. Fortunately, there are companies now that specialize in new or remanufactured transmissions, transmission repair, and transmission diagnostics so you can get the service you need when you need it.

Types of Transmissions

There are several types of transmissions. The automatic transmission is a part of the drive train that transfers the vehicle's engine power to the wheels or driveshaft. There is no need for a clutch because gear shifting is done automatically. With a manual transmission, you must manually change gears using a gearshift. These are often called "stick shift" transmissions. They also use a clutch to change gears, which is operated by foot.

Understanding Transmission Diagnostics

Today's high performance transmissions also require high-tech transmission diagnostics! In today's "tech" world, everything is computerized - even the automobile! So, diagnosing a transmission problem is not quite as simple as it once was long ago. Before choosing a transmission repair shop, ask questions to be sure they have the necessary transmission diagnostic tools so they can find the real problem.

Many electronic transmissions will show symptoms for one problem when it could be another type of problem. A few must-have tools for diagnostics include a transmission pressure gauge, a scan tool with the right software/adaptors for accessing transmission codes, and diagnostic charts.

Common Transmission Problems (or Symptoms):

* Slipping
* Delayed shifts or engagement when put into gear
* Engine flair-up during shifts
* Noises
* Loss of Gears
* Loose or leaky vacuum line
* Broken throttle cable

Searching Online for the Right Transmission Repair Service

When searching online for a transmission repair service, use major search engines or auto directories to locate several companies. Email or call to ask questions. Find out what type of tools they use to diagnose transmission problems. Also, find out if there are testimonials and references available at the company's website. See which brand names are offered. Are they dependable brands such as Allison Transmissions or other high-quality products?

Some companies offer many automotive repair services while others specialize in transmission repair. Whether you need a repair, a brand new transmission or a rebuilt transmission, you'll want to choose the right company from the start to minimize repair time and costs.

Use the following keywords or key phrases to begin your online search:

* transmission repair (add your city or state name here to find one nearby)
* transmission specialists (add your city or state name here to find one nearby)
* rebuilt transmissions (add your city or state name here to find one nearby)
* remanufactured transmissions (add your city or state name here to find one nearby)

Once you've chosen a company, give the repair person all the details of your problems so they can correctly diagnose it for repairs. You don't want to waste money repairing something that's not broken!

Use the tips above to choose the best possible company for your transmission needs. You'll be driving smoothly again in no time!

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Quick Help Guide for Buying a New Transmission
By Chris Robertson

Most cars from the 1950s until today came with a standard manual transmission or optional automatic transmission. There are also special types of transmissions built for front wheel drive, four-wheel drive, and rear wheel drive. One must also consider if the model is a domestic make or a foreign make.
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